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English version of the Rostov foundry

The Rostov foundry is the largest foundry of the South of Russia.

Rostov foundary was found as foundary production of Rostselmash – the biggest Russian harvester factory. The foundry was the important supplier of the huge factory.

The foundry production of Rostselmash has more than 70 years history. Within all this period it is continuously developing and improving, keeping pace with scientific and technical progress. The quality of our products and service highly appreciated by our customers and partners.

Our factory supply castings to the following branches: – Agricultural mechanical engineering;

  • auto industry;
  • railway transport;
  • electrical engineering;
  • housing and communal services;
  • household appliances.

Due to high level of our technicians and engineers qualification, we can provide you with castings of any complexity.

The production facilities include 6 industrial shops: greyiron shop, steel moulding shop, sucelted models moulding shop, aluminum moulding shop and powder metallurgy shop. And also modeling shop to produce casting models.

The Rostov foundry proposes co-operation in steel, iron and aluminium moulding manufacturing on our facilities.

The range of our products includes:

  • grey iron casting;
  • Steel casting;
  • Moulding on sucelted models;
  • powder metallurgy articles (external diameter 10 to 120 mm);
  • A site of ground moullding – weight of casting up to 3 tons;
  • Aluminum alloys casting (weight 3 gr up to 40 kg);
  • The possibility of concrete article production on our facilities can be estimated after the drawings examination. Your order can be manufactured both on your casting models (if available), and on models, produced in our modeling shop, especially for your article.

To provide you with quick and accurate response, we are ready to discuss any your inquiry.

Please, send your offers and inquiries to our address: The Rostov foundry. Menzhinskogo St.2, Rostov-on-Don, 344029, Russia.

Please, contact our Sales Department.
Tel./Fax: +7 (989) 524-41-62.

Website: www.rostlit.ru.
E-mail: lz005310@oaorsm.ru